I have found the most freedom of expression in oil paint and have fallen in love with painting with palette knives in the past few years. I can’t get enough of exploring changes in texture and density of paint and what it does to color. Right now I’m working on a series of landscapes with trees, sky, and water, with the intention of invoking an emotional response. I also do a lot of floral still life paintings, which for me are an excuse to work with color and form. I have painted many  subjects—from a realistic standpoint to one increasingly abstract.

I began painting years ago on my own and had some instruction through the years, although all my formal education was in literature. I  planned on being a novelist—and maybe some day I will. For now, I am content with telling some kind of ambiguous narrative in paint.

I’ve had many art-related experiences, as the challenge to pursue this life has led me to many art shows, galleries, workshops, and residencies. For the past couple years, I worked with the Alabama Prison Art and Education Project, teaching a mural painting class in Tutwiler State Prison for Women and then Bibb County Correctional for Men. Whether it’s a gala art opening for serious collectors or a painting class for the incarcerated, I feel that art connects us all.


Lorrie Lane